Editorial Review – Fire in the Rectory

  Title: Fire in the Rectory and two more John Nolan detective novellas Author: Stan Freeman Genre: Historical fiction / Historical detective / Mystery   This collection of three short detective stories offers a chronological continuation of John Nolan’s career as a private investigator in New York City from 1915–1918. A recent immigrant from Ireland,… Read More Editorial Review – Fire in the Rectory

Editorial Review – Helena’s Choice

  Title: Helena’s Choice Author name: Patty Apsotolides Genre: Historical Fiction   This novel tells the story of Helena Cadfield, the daughter of a physician and amateur archeologist, and Aristotle Mastoras, a Greek expert of antiquities who recently returned to his homeland in hopes of rebuilding his home and restoring many of Greece’s classical treasures… Read More Editorial Review – Helena’s Choice

The Girl in The Tower – Book Review

She knows her head and heart very well and she tends to follow it. She is innocent but she knows and understands worldly dangers. She is smart enough to disguise herself as a boy to protect herself from dangers of the road but foolish enough to stay in Moscow and let her brother Sasha and Olga suffer the consequences of her lies. She is emotional enough to … Read More The Girl in The Tower – Book Review