Master of the Scam – Editorial Review

  Title: Master of the Scam Author: Aaron T. Knight Genre: Historical Fiction   In Master of the Scam, twenty-five-year-old Jack Wagner is injured in a car accident, changing his life forever. When he goes to court in the hopes of receiving compensation for his injuries, he discovers that the insurance companies are bribing witnesses… Read More Master of the Scam – Editorial Review

Alina: A Song for the Telling – Editorial Review

  Title: Alina: A Song for the Telling Author: Malve von Hassell Genre: Historical fiction / Coming-of-age   Alina: A Song for the Telling by Malve von Hassell follows the journey of fourteen-year-old Alina and her brother, Milos, as they travel with a group of knights from twelfth-century Provence to Jerusalem. Alina is gifted with… Read More Alina: A Song for the Telling – Editorial Review

Rebirth in Acadi – Editorial Review

  Author: Susan Swanson Title: Rebirth in Acadi Genre: Contemporary / Literary / Historical Fiction   Rebirth in Acadi tells the story of two women—Louise Dennis, an African-American who leaves her racial identity and family connections behind in hopes of enjoying a prejudice-free life, and Margaret Bohr, an older woman whose husband’s job has taken… Read More Rebirth in Acadi – Editorial Review

American River: Tributaries – Editorial Review

  Title: American River: Tributaries Author: Mallory M. O’Connor Genre: Historical Fiction   American River: Tributaries follows the lives of three families of Irish, Mexican, and Japanese descent. Though their ancestors all settled on the American River in Northern California, the generations following spread out across the country, making the families’ interconnection all the more unlikely. But as the… Read More American River: Tributaries – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – Choose: Snakes or Ladders

  Title: Choose: Snakes or Ladders Author: Sally Forest Genre: Literary Fiction   This rich, sensually-driven literary novel takes readers back to the 1950s, when women were just starting to enter the work-force alongside men on a more regular basis. The story follows Mitty Bedford, a typist who recently graduated with her certificate and has landed a job… Read More Editorial Review – Choose: Snakes or Ladders