Natalie’s Getting Married – Book Review

Natalies Getting Married


Natalie’s Getting Married
By author – Rosa Temple

My Review:

This is the second of Rosa’s books I’ve read and, I LOVED it!  Rosa’s books are lighthearted, fun and funny, and I felt like her second book was even better than her first!  Her writing is pleasant, the characters are likable and you are addicted right from the very first chapter.  I read the book in 1 night and definitely didn’t want it to end.

Natalie Spencer is a GREAT main character.  She’s the girl everyone is friends with and the girl who isn’t sure she’ll ever find Mr. Right.  I loved her as a main character and absolutely loved the way she deals with her tragic romances.  And even though some of the situations she ends up in are enough to bring a strong girl to her knees, Natalie never gives up but continues to tackle life.

I really didn’t expect parts of the story to go the way they did but I know that Rosa did a great job setting up the hero of the story right from the beginning.

I gave this book 5 coffees.


In life, we learn through our mistakes, and let me tell you…Natalie makes some big ones.  One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that you meet Gabe (our potential hero) right out of the starting gate and Rosa has a way of getting you to fall in love with the right ‘bystandard guy’ without really even knowing why you love him the most!

I knew the moment Gabe was introduced that he’d be a huge part in the story and I wasn’t let down and yet it didn’t give anything away.  There are so many twists and turns with every character that I never really knew if Natalie or Gabe would really end up with their ‘Happily Ever After’.


What I Loved:

-The different directions the book takes.  I ended up in places I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised.
-The characters!  I really loved them all and felt that each one added so much to the story.
-The details!  I love how Rosa writes, and I can honestly say I was never ‘bored’ enough to skip through sections like I’ve done with other books.


What I didn’t Love:

-That it ended!


What I thought of the Cover:

-Absolutely love the cover…very chick lit–very fitting of the book.  I’d grab it off a shelf in a moment.


My Conclusion:

I absolutely loved this book.  In fact I’m going to add it to my ‘might make my 2016 top 10’ list.  It was a great, quick, happy read and I didn’t want to (nor did I) put it down until it was over and even then I was sad to set it down.  Rosa has quickly rose to the top section of my ‘favorite’ chick lit writers and I’ve no doubt her next book will be even better than this one!

So don’t hesitate, grab this book…grab Rosa’s first book and have a Rosa Temple reading fest, you won’t regret it!


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Guest review contributed by Hello Chick Lit. Aimee is an avid reader, a worker in the publishing industry, and a book review blogger across several genres.


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