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Legend is the sixth and final book in the Real series by Katy Evans and follows the journey of Maverick “the Avenger” Cage. Cage is new to the underground circuit and is determined to take out every other fighter in his path so he can reign as the champion.

Reese Dumas is spending the fight season nannying for her cousin, who just so happens to be the wife of underground champion Remy Tate. When she and Maverick cross paths at the gym, she has no idea what kind of life changing potential his mere presence has for her. Both Reese and Maverick carry secrets however; ones that, if laid bare, could change everything between them.

I loved this story. I’m a huge fan of Katy’s work, the Real series included. Legend had all the elements of a fighter story that I love: action, adrenaline pumping scenes, rivalries, testosterone, victories and losses. But it also has a sexy yet inspiring love story flowing beneath the surface.

Maverick is a beautifully constructed character. He’s broken in many ways. His dad bailed, and then went on to become a monster with a less-than-stellar reputation, both in and out of the fighting ring. His mom did her best to raise him and to provide for them. He’s a strong, overly-confident kid. And he’s such an alpha male, especially after he gets involved with Reese. The chip on Maverick’s shoulder is large enough that he could very well have followed in his father’s footsteps and became a monster himself. He doesn’t through, and in the end that pays off for him, personally and professionally.

Reese gets so much confidence from the time she spends with Maverick. She’s been through some not-so-great times back home, there’s a guy there who makes her feel like less of a person, and there are all kinds of memories that she’s trying to forget. She’s on a mission to become a new and improved version of herself, and having Maverick in her life only helps that. I also loved how Katy made Reese such a relatable character. Any one of us could have landed in her shoes at some point in time throughout the course of life, and that made it so much easier to connect with her character.

We get lots and lots of Remy and Brooke in this one too, which I love. Even though Legend is my favorite book from this series, Remy will always be my favorite of all the fighters and all the characters.

Katy Evans has mastered the art of the alpha male. It’s a signature from her writing and something I look forward to any time I pick up one of her books. The men are strong, both mentally and physically; they know what they want and they aren’t afraid to take it. They’re sexy, possessive, and often times filthy (in the best way). I love knowing that when I pick up one of her books, there’s going to be a man who makes me swoon in the best of ways whilst reading.

Legend moved at a perfect pace. The description used in the fight scenes was totally awesome. It’s very apparent through reading this series that Katy has a vast array of knowledge about this world, which makes it even more enjoyable to read, because everything feels realistic. Maverick and Reese’s time together moved just right as well. There was a perfect dose of UST, which of course is fulfilled later on.

I’m sad to see this series come to a close, but man oh man I can’t wait to see what Katy has in store for us next. Legend earns my Got Nikki? Must Read stamp of approval and Maverick, well, he’s skyrocketed right up there onto my Top Book Boyfriends of 2016 list.

Check this one out if you’re looking for a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping read with some romance nicely blended in.

Five stars to this book.

You can find Legend here.

**I received an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review**



Guest post contributed by Starry Eyed Nikki. Not only does this blogger write book reviews, but she also promotes authors, particularly indie ones. Check out her website for many words and occasional giveaways.

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