Is There Evidence For God – Editorial Review


Title: Is There Evidence For God – An Economist Searches for Answers

Author: Robert Genetski

Genre: Non-Fiction / Philosophy


In Is There Evidence For God, author Robert Genetski tackles a thorny subject that has plagued minds for centuries: is there evidence that God exists? Genetski had always held a strong belief in God growing up, but became plagued by doubts in his middle age years. A visit to his once devout mother, as she lay on her deathbed, brought about conversations about the existence of God. Her uncertainty about the existence of a higher being began to dominate her mindset. Robert’s doubts began to gnaw at him, and he decided to delve further into the topic. He set out to question people about how their beliefs developed and would use unbiased analysis in determining the answer to the ultimate question.

Author Robert Genetski tackles a tough subject in belief, but he brings reason, logic, and evidence to every chapter. His book is broken down into chapters on Atheism, life after death, the various religions observed around the world, “Evidence for Jesus as God” through the ages, and the search’s impact on Genetski. Genetski acknowledges the impassioned arguments for believers and non-believers, and his perspective posits a rational discussion can be had.

The dominant theme of the book is belief, whether it be a faith-based belief in God or the “evidence” based beliefs of Atheism. Genetski doesn’t harshly judge the lack of belief, whether in the view of younger people or the two authors whose books he examines (Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens). He posits that their atheism stems from the anarchy that often runs rampant in life, where there are seemingly no rules and bad things happen for no reason. Genetski methodically offers counterarguments for each of atheists’ core tenets.

Genetski doesn’t merely confine himself to a debate with the redoubtable Dawkins and Hitchens. He delves further into the supernatural aspects of God’s existence with those who have had near death experiences and how it affected their lives. The shared experiences of those who briefly departed this world provide possible evidence for life after death. Genetski offers examples of different people who experienced the phenomenon, some of whom had their belief in God changed forever.

One of the highlights of the book is the numerous examples of miracles that have occurred through time that hint at Jesus as God. The resurrection of Jesus through the shroud of Turin and countless apparitions witnessed by multitudes indicate a possible higher power at work. The instances are listed and the reader is left to judge for themselves.

Genetski’s work covers atheism, chiefly through the work of Dawkins and Hitchens, but would have been better served with a few more researcher’s works (Vincent Bugliosi and John W. Loftus). The examples of life after death were particularly poignant, but more instances highlighted would have helped provide more insight.

Is There Evidence For God is a thought provoking and critical examination of belief in God and the reasons for and against it. Genetski concisely offers the premise and then provides the cogent arguments that either buttress or debunk the argument. Genetski leaves his own passion behind and takes an academic’s viewpoint in making his assessments. This was a most enjoyable and insightful study.



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One thought on “Is There Evidence For God – Editorial Review

  1. I kind of hold the conviction that Kant’s formulation of a god’s proof comes as close as logical thinking can get. Simply put it goes like: since we cannot prove that deities don’t exist, he?,she?, they?, might as well exist.


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