Can God Trust You With Trouble? – Editorial Review


Title: Can God Trust You With Trouble?

Author: Pastor Stanley Moore / Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr.

Genre: Religion


Can God Trust You With Trouble? by Pastor Stanley Moore and Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr. asks a challenging question for the Christian believer in the midst of grief. In this book, Pastor Moore recounts the tragic loss of four dear family members (his daughter, two sisters, and his mother), all within a year and how he chose to deal with his bereavement. Moore presents a case to keep the faith in the most challenging of times and how such times can draw the believer closer to God.

Moore’s book has a strongly Christian audience, as his advice is well-versed in Christian theology and is based on biblical teaching. Can God Trust You With Trouble? could be read by anyone who is going through loss, especially loss due to death, but due to the strong Christian themes, this book is best aimed at Christians. Moore is a pastor with twenty-five years of experience, which comes through on the pages, and his tone is direct and clear in its theological basis, but he never comes across as evangelizing or judgmental.

Moore lays a solid groundwork for how to handle grief. As grief is something everyone experiences, having a process to work one’s way through it is helpful. For the Christian, their faith in God plays an important role. Moore is honest that dealing with so much grief all at once was not easy for him, and his candor is appreciated. The reader may resonate with a writer who understands deep grief, especially if the reader has picked up this book specifically with the intention of learning how to better cope with death.

Can God Trust You With Trouble? is full of Bible stories, such as Job, who lost everything and whose faith in God was rewarded. These stories will give extra meaning for the Christian reader who is familiar with the Bible.

Pastor Moore does not shy away from the challenges associated with grief. The universal experience of death is often something we do not want to talk about, yet we all will inevitably lose a loved one to death if we have not already. Many of the world religions believe in an afterlife, yet it is the people left behind who must learn to live in a world without their loved one. Moore brings the Christian perspective to light by shining hope in the darkness.

At just over 22,000 words, this book is on the shorter side. Grief and death are no doubt challenging and heavy subjects, so if a reader is looking for a straightforward guide to help them, this book is a good choice. However, due to its length, some material could be expanded, perhaps more real-life examples given beyond the author’s own to show different ways of coping that all are valid and hold faith as a cornerstone.

Can God Trust You With Trouble? is a straightforward faith-based guide for those who have experienced loss and need to work their way through grief. Moore’s book will resonate deeply with a Christian audience. Christians will find Pastor Stanley Moore’s book on bereavement a reminder to keep their faith in God during challenging times.



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