Helena’s Choice – Editorial Review

  Title: Helena’s Choice Author: Patty Apsotolides Genre: Historical Fiction   This novel tells the story of Helena Cadfield, the daughter of a physician and amateur archeologist, and Aristotle Mastoras, a Greek expert of antiquities who recently returned to his homeland in hopes of rebuilding his home and restoring many of Greece’s classical treasures to… Read More Helena’s Choice – Editorial Review

Master of the Scam – Editorial Review

  Title: Master of the Scam Author: Aaron T. Knight Genre: Historical Fiction   In Master of the Scam, twenty-five-year-old Jack Wagner is injured in a car accident, changing his life forever. When he goes to court in the hopes of receiving compensation for his injuries, he discovers that the insurance companies are bribing witnesses… Read More Master of the Scam – Editorial Review

Written By Blood: Conviction – Editorial Review

    Title: Written By Blood: Conviction Author: Dwayne Gill Genre: Action Thriller / Science Fiction   Written By Blood: Conviction follows Cane, an assassin who has broken free of the programming of Red Delta, the anti-terrorist government agency who raised him. However, Cane remains haunted by the sins of his past and struggles to… Read More Written By Blood: Conviction – Editorial Review