Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review

  Title: Written By Blood: Friction Author: Dwayne Gill Genre: Technothriller / Spy Thriller / Action & Adventure   This is the second installment in a thoughtful, realistic thriller series set in the near future where three men and their allies have to outsmart the marked men, a terrorist organization set to overthrow the current… Read More Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review

Farewell My Life – Editorial Review

  Title: Farewell My Life: Buona Notte Vita Mia Author: Cynthia Sally Haggard Genre: Historical Fiction / Coming-of-Age   This intriguing tale explores the hopes, plans, and struggles of Angelina, the stubborn youngest daughter of a troubled Italian-American family, and her two daughters. A widow, Angelina became a “fallen woman,” acting as a mistress over… Read More Farewell My Life – Editorial Review

Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites – Editorial Review

Title: Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites Author: Valerie Penz Genre: Cookbook   This cookbook explores how to make enticing, interesting meals that are packed with nutrients without being complicated, expensive, or filled with dairy, gluten, corn, or refined sugars. With over 5 dozen recipes, the author offers a variety to choose from, with every recipe including… Read More Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites – Editorial Review

Labyrinths of Time – Editorial Review

  Title: Labyrinths of Time (Song of Ancients Book II) Author: Jonathan Michael Erickson Genre: Science Fiction   The second installment in the Song of Ancients series, Labyrinths of Time, continues Anka Aelgon’s journey as a relic carrier. Waking up in an unfamiliar place, Anka realizes she’s jumped back in time. As desperation and illumination… Read More Labyrinths of Time – Editorial Review

Eternal Shadow – Editorial Review

  Title: Eternal Shadow Author: Trevor B. Williams Genre: Science Fiction   In Eternal Shadow by Trevor B. Williams, SETI researchers Jennifer Epstein and Samantha Monroe receive a signal from an alien spacecraft and soon discover that the craft, dubbed the Leviathan, is consuming Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus…and Earth is next on its course. Now… Read More Eternal Shadow – Editorial Review