Attachments – Book Review


Attachments – Guest Post Review


So I’m a bit of a Rainbow Rowell fan.  I absolutely adored Eleanor and Park, one of my best Young Adult books of all time.

For this reason alone, I thought I’d dip into a bit more of her writing, and having already read Fangirl, Attachments seemed a good choice. I finished it a few days ago, and it worries me to say that I am not remembering it too well.  I guess it can’t be as good as Eleanor and Park then!

Attachments is the story of a man who still lives with his Mum (or Mom!), works in IT on nightshift, and generally speaking, does not have much of a life.  Guess what…the story is about how he gets a life!  Thank goodness it is not too clichéd, easy, or script like.

One of the main plot lines (no spoiler here), is that part of his job is to monitor company emails, and he gets quite caught up in the correspondence by two female employees.

Ethically, he knows this is not okay, but he can’t help himself…and then the question of “do you look in people’s bathroom cupboards” is raised.

It is an enjoyable read, a little slow at times but easy enough to dip in and out of.  A lighter read, and it makes you laugh at all the stressing around Y2K.

3.5 stars for me.




This guest post was contributed by Can I Do 52?, a blogger who aspires to read 52 books in a year and discuss them. Check out more of her posts and reviews on her blog.

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