Editorial Review – Self-Evolution: Break Free and Discover the Real You


Author: Anthony Butto

Title: Self-Evolution: Break Free and Discover the Real You

Genre: Self-Help


This short, insightful book is designed as a guide to help readers discover their true selves and what they want from their lives. It provides insights from the author as he discusses his own journey to change his life and become a more consistent person, living out his goals, following his passions, and being consistent with his core values.

The book is clearly laid out, with headings, quotes, and bullet lists to help readers navigate their journey. Each segment builds upon the previous one, and, by the end of the book, one has a cohesive Personal Discovery Statement that sums up what has been learned or uncovered. Thus, progress can be charted with each section, but the pacing is not rushed, to where readers can tackle the entire thing in one weekend or work through it over a series of weeks, months, or years, if necessary

The author supplies a list of things to avoid every step along the way, providing encouragement without blindly suggesting that the task of self-evaluation and change is an easy one. The writing is clear and relaxed, and while there are topics that are never discussed—like old scars, traumas, and how to deal with burdens from the past that might hold one back—the book provides a consistently positive outlook on what can be done and why it’s worth it.

Rather than looking solely at inner motivations and core values, the book also explores outer expressions of one’s “self,” from what a person wants and why. The author mentions how he admired a Ferrari and then pushes beyond that, using it as a springboard to explore what the Ferrari symbolized for him and how those aspects were what he was truly after.

Yet the book steers clear of internalizing everything, as dreams, career choices, passions, friends, and romantic partners are not equally dissected into their component parts. The author provides the framework for such an exploration, if desired, but opts to keep the journey of self-discovery moving rather than get bogged down with all the possible examinations and analyses.

The book is far from being scholarly, as there are no footnotes or indications of where the many definitions are sourced from, yet this seems to fit the relaxed, approachable tone of the book. However, while there are some comments about where readers can go for further information sprinkled throughout the text, a list of resources at the end would probably be helpful. The book could also benefit from some editing, as there were moments when words were missing from sentences or where the original wording was kept while half the sentence was changed.

Ideal for those who prefer a relaxed approach to self-discovery, this guide will be welcomed by those who are ready to change their lives and break out of the status quo. Its approachable formatting, relevant quotes, and easy-to-follow writing make this short volume an invaluable starting place for a journey of reevaluating one’s life and determining what matters.



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