Editorial Review – Unmasking Fear: Embracing the Gift We Were Given


Title: Unmasking Fear: Embracing the Gift We Were Given

Author: Anthony Butto

Genre: Self-Help


What are you most afraid of? This is the question Anthony Butto wants his readers to ask of themselves in his new book entitled Unmasking Fear: Embracing the Gift We Were Given. In this book he challenges readers to ask themselves whether their fears are in any way holding them back from living life to the fullest, while simultaneously offering ideas and judgment-free support in order to overcome said fears. 

Many works have been written on the subject of human fears, and certainly the concepts and ideas presented in this book haven’t been discussed for the first time. We’ve all read different versions of the same verse on multiple occasions. The introduction to the text felt less than unique, and at times it oversimplified something that is inherently complex and difficult to explain. It begged the question of whether we really needed another book that encouraged us to look beyond our comfort zone. 

However, it helped that the book was well-written and told in an engaging, conversational manner that made Anthony Butto feel like a friend you want to spill all your innermost secrets to. The author was self-effacing, honest, and generous in sharing his own life experiences in the hopes that other people will be able to learn from it. Although there were moments his enthusiasm for telling his story threatened to overshadow his point, by making himself vulnerable to his readers he was ultimately able to allow them to relate in a more effective manner to the book. 

The author chose to focus on what he thought were the most common fears: vulnerability, failure, uncertainty, judgment, the fear of not being enough, and the fear of death. He offered various explanations as to where our adult fears may have originated, as well as providing helpful tips on how to “unmask” each fear. His approach to these chapters was more pragmatic and practical than the introduction. That, coupled with the aforementioned real-life examples, ensured his statements would resonate with his readers. 

It was also helpful to end each chapter with questions the readers can ask themselves. Ultimately, this is not a book you simply get through. It is best taken in bite-sized servings mixed with generous portions of reflection and introspection. The conclusion of the book was a surprise and was almost stunning in its simplicity and ability to force readers to think. There could not have been a more effective way of getting the point across, and it made even more of an impact for having been so unexpected. 

Unmasking Fear is relatable, relevant, and told from a clear and engaging point of view that will make readers feel amenable to self-reflection. It offers an uncomplicated roadmap to confronting and unmasking your fears, helmed by an author whose crisp and witty writing style is able to sustain the book’s momentum from start to finish. The journey toward a life free from fear is difficult, continuous, and never-ending, and this book would be a welcome companion for readers as they traverse that long and winding road. 



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