The Renegade Spy – Book Review


Do you like James Bond? Lots of action, espionage, organized crime and top agents who always get into trouble with their superiors because they break every available rule?

You’re going to love Sophie Decker. She’s a German intelligence captain about to be fired, when a top-ranking official puts out his hand and gives her a job that will push her to the far edge of her professional skills.

The Skorpion, ruthless and faceless assassin, has been hired to murder the German chancellor and Decker has to stop him.

The story has everything a thriller needs: fast-moving plot, twists and turns, a cruel bad guy, an unruly heroine and a good bit of humor. By switching his point of view from assassin to Decker and back, Mark O’Neill manages to draw the reader in and feel with both of them, friend and foe alike. His characters have their flaws and edges, their strengths and their weaknesses, which makes them solid and believable.

The action is – just like James Bond – not always quite believable, but that doesn’t really matter. Even though I know a single explosion will not ignite a chain reaction destroying an entire street in real life, the scene is nevertheless well-written and exciting and fits right into the story.

I’m looking forward to further adventures with Sophie Decker!



This guest review was contributed by Annette Spratte, author of  “The Way of Life” Series and its prequel short story “Survivor.” You can also follow her on Facebook.

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