Live and Learn – Book Review


Live and Learn by Amanda Vint



First book in the Live and Learn romance series. After her multi-millionaire father’s death, Eleanor’s life is forced in a different direction. Whilst her mother and sister inherit money, Eleanor inherits her father’s corporate design company. Becoming the head of a high-end corporation is a real wake up call, and it is about to change her life in more ways than one. Here she will come face-to-face with a choice of two very different men, from very different backgrounds. Who will she choose?

There is David; the blond haired, blue eyed, chief designer, with a way with words and a charm that cannot be compared. He knows how to woo Eleanor, and won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Then there is Stephen; the dark and handsome chauffeur, who has a sensitive side from a past that is unfamiliar territory to her.

But both men harbor secrets of their own, and Eleanor is about to find out who is really on her side. Her father always warned her not to mix business with pleasure, but that advice is about to go unheeded. With her heart overruling her head, she is about to find out that depending on the potential suitor’s hidden intentions, love can either make or break you… Step inside the world of love, lust, secrets, and lies, as Eleanor’s story starts here, and you are taken on a journey into the life and trials of being a millionairess. Not everything is always as it seems, and we always, live and learn.



Live and Learn by Amanda Vint is the story of a young woman named Eleanor. Eleanor’s life suddenly changes when she inherits her father’s corporate design company. She is now the head of a high end corporation, and her life is turned completely around has she faces the challenges. Not only has she become the sole inheritor of the company but she also has two very different men pursuing her.

One is David: the charming blond haired, blue eyed, chief designer. The other is Stephen the dark and handsome chauffeur. The two men are very different from one another and Eleanor is unsure of each one and who she can entirely trust. Eleanor’s world is one of love, lust, secrets and lies. She is a millionairess with much responsibility and mixing business with pleasure. She falls in love but can she trust him. Who can she trust? Who will she choose? This is her story.

I loved Live and Learn by Amanda Vint. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. It is a romance story filled with intrigue and twists and turns. Eleanor was left the family business after her father dies. She falls in love but can she trust it? This is a very engaging story and I was captivated by the plot and characters. Amanda Vint has composed a very delicious novel filled with love, lust, secrets and lies.

The descriptive writing is impressive and I felt like I was there experiencing and looking onward as the story unfolded.

The characters are pleasing and well developed. They are woven into the storyline with skill and aptitude. I was especially impressed by the dialog between the characters. I loved the main character Eleanor, she is strong and capable but has to make some serious decisions. The premise for the story is unique and the writing is superb. Amanda Vint has an original voice and I am looking forward to reading more by her. Live and Learn is the first in the series with more books that follow in the Live and Learn series.

Live and Learn is engrossing, captivating and unputdownable. I highly recommend it to all romance lovers that like dramatic plot twists. Live and Learn is a real page turner and a must read romantic novel.



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