Loyalties – Book Review



Loyalties by Wendi Kelly and Deborah Dorchak

Release date: 28th December 2010
Series: Bonds of Blood and Spirit (#1)
Source: Author
Rating: Four out of Five Stars


About the Book

Regina Capalini, abandoned by her parents at age three, and the victim of a heinous crime, has been tossed away by the only Pack she has ever known. She has one last chance to impress her new Alpha, Diego Beauchamp, or be left to fend for herself as a rogue wolf, a sentence that will surely end in death.

Fate intervenes, not once, but twice, and plunges Regina into a fast-paced race against the clock to save the life of the stranger she just met.

In the midst of this harrowing life-threatening rescue, she comes to know five unique people who, in their own quirky and troubled ways, teach this misfit and broken girl the meaning of love, trust, and loyalty, making her question everything she ever believed was true.

Together, they create an alliance, a new breed of Pack, one that changes the course of the future forever.


The Review

Special thanks to the author for a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, it’s taken me exactly one year to read this book and now I am seriously kicking myself about why it took me so very long to read it!

First of all, this book is absolutely brilliant.

Secondly, the book is massive ( size), I think this is what had intimidated me about reading it. I felt like I just read 3 books and funny enough, the book is split into 3 parts but trust me  it was completely worth it.

Wolves are one of my favorite mythical creatures so this book was a breeze for me and the authors’ storytelling was pretty good. It kept me in the zone.

Part one (Book 1) tells the story of Regina Capalini, she’s new in town and does not want to be late to meet her new boss when she has a run-in with a stranger who leaves an impression that she can’t seem to forget. She is a tough lady that can hold her own in any situation. I think I like her although her past haunts her a bit too much so that put me off at certain points in the book.

She comes across 5 people who will forever change the course of her life, and a ruthless shifter that must be stopped at all costs.

What did I think? As I said this book is split into 3 parts which I think was necessary in order to break down the different characters and story line. I have read a lot of shifter stories and this one introduces concepts that I always feel are lacking in other ones I have read. Although it would be great if the authors could touch more on the shifter history.

The plot for this book was well thought out and a fantastic rollercoaster ride, I really can’t wait to read book 2.

In terms of the characters, I really liked Diego, he was calm at all times even when he wasn’t sure how things will turn out, I do like how the authors injected bits and pieces of his background and history every now and again as it helped me understand more of why he functions the way he does.

I looooved Harry, although his acceptance of who he was happened a bit too quickly and it didn’t seem too realistic but still I guess it all worked out.

Angelina, hmmm she just didn’t add a lot to the story for me. the fact that her name sounded a bit like Regina and she looked like Regina just made it that much worse. I did like her resilience and her strength, I guess that is all I can say about it.

I liked Cole, he represented the typical egotistical male who had nothing going for him except his good looks. He made everything a lot more fun, his lines were the best for me.

Ok finally, Regina! Woah, this chick is a piece of work, besides her ability to self-destruct at the drop of the hat, I found her really annoying.

I know she has had it rough but I had to question if she understood English or was deaf at some point as she seemed to always get the wrong end of the stick in a conversation.

But when you get down to it she for me is one bad ass chick who was cracking skulls and kicking butt (contradictory I know)

I loved the pace of the book and even though the book was huge, there was just soo much in the story that I did not mind the size of the book.

In terms of villains, Ramon is just the best, I am yet to see what Michael and his slimy uncle can do so onto Civil Wars I guess!
Overall an awesome read with lots of action, steamy love scenes and mythical beings that will get you racing through the book.




This guest review was contributed by The Angel’s PearlHer passion is coffee, photography, reading, and book reviews.

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