Carolina Blues – Book Review



Carolina Blues

I received this book, Carolina Blues (Dare Island #4), as a winner of Goodreads First Reads contest. Thanks Virginia and Goodreads!

The Gist:  Small island town of Dare, outer banks of NC, recently relocated Philly cop meets vacationing author – sparks fly.

First the negatives: Feel like the book totally missed out on the opportunity to paint the gorgeous picture of the location. A few details here and there, but if I didn’t have first hand images to bring to mind, I would have completely missed out on the beauty and unique atmosphere – which definitely enriches the story. For such a short book, I would have preferred less word count devoted to the ‘she could still smell him on her skin, his imprint on her body…’ kind of stuff. However, I do realize this is a romance novel, therefore required.

On to the positives: The author did a great job of bringing very relatable characters to life, I was left wishing this were a full length novel (400+ pages) where I would have time to learn more about each. But then, mission definitely accomplished. I finished the book about 20 minutes ago. Less than 10 minutes ago I paid the extra $ for 2nd day shipping on the other three Dare Island books. I’m hooked.





Guest review contributed by Rocking Chair Recreations. Along with the occasional crochet projects, this blog features book reviews and commentary you wouldn’t often see on mainstream review lists.

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