Aerisia: Field of Battle – Book Review

Aerisia Field of Battle


It’s always something!

Hannah, now fully transformed into the world-saving Artan, must negotiate The Underworld in this, the final installment of the Aerisia trilogy.

She arrives at the Gate of Despair, seeking to pass unscathed through dark places to enter the Dreamer’s Vale, and so continue her quest to banish evil from the magical realm. The author’s description of the Vale — like so much in this fine book — is lyrical:

“An aura of trapped time and extended sleep scented the air. The whole atmosphere was seductive, promising that eternal peace waited if I would only surrender to rest.”

While in The Underworld, Hannah has her dream interpreted, but the meaning of it is not to her liking. Then, she has to fight a terrible battle to escape back to her world, with the aid of a mysterious character who calls himself The Hunter.

Back in Laytrii, the forces of Evil are preparing for war against the Artan along with all those who stand for good. Hannah’s love for Ilgard nearly overflows the bounds of court propriety, and soon, stolen kisses seem impossibly insufficient.

A murderous attack on Hannah reveals a traitor in their midst, and the scene soon shifts from Laytrii to Treygon, then, aboard a pirate ship where all hands swear undying fealty to the Artan. She rewards them in a most remarkable manner.

Revealing any more of the events that thunder like a runaway freight train toward the final, climactic battle would be imprudent. Suffice to say the action is nonstop and totally fulfilling.

Does the Artan truly save her people and bring unending peace to Aerisia, as foretold by legends? More importantly, is Hannah’s smoldering love for Ilgard finally consummated?

Download the five-star conclusion to this exceptional fantasy saga and find out for yourself.

You can find Aerisia: Field of Battle here.



Guest review contributed by Don Sloan. Don strives to provide thoughtful, even-handed reviews on all books submitted. In addition, his site provides a list of 25 free links to websites authors can submit their books to in an attempt to increase downloads during KDP Free days.

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