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Sponsored posts are a great way to advertise your book in a natural sounding way that doesn’t come across as “sales-y.” The Book Review Directory, since starting in 2015, has seen over 100,000 visitors and 260,000 page views and is supported by a social media account with over 6,000 followers.

Deciding to set up promotion posts with BRD was a no-brainer. Not only are they easy to work with, the options they offer ensured I got a post that best matched my needs. I’ve been impressed with this website for a while and have seen the interaction that happens here. I had no doubt my content would be noticed.” -Allison Maruska, author of The Fourth Descendant


The benefits of our sponsored posts are:

  • The entire post is exclusively about your book. Your book won’t get buried under a dozen others within the same post, like it might with other services.
  • Your post includes a purchase link so readers can acquire it
  • There is no requirement for your book to be priced a certain amount (e.g. no free or $0.99 price requirement)
  • You receive a longer area to showcase a sample/excerpt of your book than most other services
  • Our sponsored posts featuring your book are shareable via social media, whereas most other services (especially the newsletter based ones) are not
  • The author receives long-term benefit of their sponsored post even after the initial posting, as readers still find the post via search results and BRD’s website archive tool
  • Each post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on TwitterFacebookand Tumblr to over 6,000 combined followers


If you already have credits, click any of the four links below, representing the four different types of sponsored posts available. If you don’t have credits, scroll down to the pricing and the form below and fill it out, in which case, I’ll be in touch with the invoice soon, usually within the day.


Book Review Directory’s sponsored posts are easy to create. The format allows the user to build interesting ads sure to catch the eye of potential readers. Their service is excellent, giving the user assurance they are in the hands of a professional.” -Jason Nugent, author of Blood Stone     Click here for more testimonials.


Sponsored posts are purchased via credits. This saves you time from having to make a transaction for each sponsored post and can offer savings. If you already have credits purchased, or if you have a redemption code already, please click one of the four types of posts above to get started.


4 credits = $20.00

10 credits = $45.00  (10% discount)

20 credits = $80.00  (20% discount)


The cost of each post:

  • Blog Tour = 1 credit
  • Cover Reveal = 1 credit
  • New Release Blitz = 1 credit
  • Book Quote Corner = 1 credit


To purchase your credits, fill out the short form below and we’ll email you the invoice. Your credits will remain in our system until you elect to use them, which is done by clicking on one of the links above to decide which type of sponsored post you’d like. We recommend bookmarking this page for a quick resource when you’re ready to use your next credit.

Invoices are generated via Paypal and can be paid with any major credit card or through Paypal transfer. Prices displayed are in USD. Credits expire one year from purchase. No refunds are issued for unused credits.