Sponsored Posts – Book Quote Corner


A Book Quote Corner sponsored post features your book in a way that displays all its benefits and features.


Here’s what’s included in a Book Quote Corner post:

  • Author name
  • Book title
  • Publish date
  • Book genre
  • Blurb
  • Story sample
  • Purchase link
  • Author website


The benefits of a Book Quote Corner post is:

  • The entire post is exclusively about your book
  • Your post includes a purchase link so readers can acquire it
  • There is no requirement for your book to be priced a certain amount (e.g. no free or $0.99 price requirement)
  • You receive a longer area to showcase a sample/excerpt of your book than most other services
  • Our sponsored posts featuring your book are shareable via social media, whereas most other services (especially the newsletter based ones) are not
  • The author receives long-term benefit of their sponsored post even after the initial posting, as readers still find the post via search results and BRD’s website archive tool
  • Each post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on TwitterFacebookand Tumblr to over 6,000 combined followers


Here’s an example of a Book Quote Corner post.

Below is the form to receive a Book Quote Corner post for your book. The cost of each post is 1 credit. Click here to purchase credits. If the below form has been filled out before the purchase of credits, it won’t go through.