The Fourth Descendant – Book Quote Corner


“Why didn’t he want you to come out here?” Jonah rolled his empty beer bottle back and forth on the glass table top, making a gritty noise. 

Michelle resisted the urge to grab the bottle from him to stop the noise. “I think because of how strange the whole situation is. He couldn’t imagine an historian paying for us to come here just to open a safe.” 

The group was quiet for a few moments. Maybe Jonah and Sharon hadn’t had the same thought.

Jonah broke the silence. “It’s a good point.” His eyes moved from Michelle to Sharon and then back to Michelle. “Do you guys think he’s legit? He’s awfully uptight.”

“I think so,” Michelle said. “I mean, we all have keys that look the same. Why would he randomly pull four strangers together? And I checked out the story with the historical society when he called.”

“Oh, good idea.” Sharon grinned and nodded. “Wish I’d thought of it. I was so caught up in the mystery that I didn’t question it.”

“Well, it’s important enough to film. What do you guys think is in the safe?” Jonah asked.

“Who knows? Do either of you know anything about your families that could provide a clue?” Sharon asked.

“I don’t think so.” Michelle glanced at three kids splashing in the pool. “I found out my great-great-grandfather, who signed the letter and buried the box, went missing about the same time.”

Sharon leaned into the table. “You’re kidding. My great-grandfather disappeared around then too.”


Author: Allison Maruska

Book title: The Fourth Descendant

Genre: Historical Mystery / Suspense

Publish date: Feb. 4th 2015



When Michelle receives a call from a Richmond historian, she sees the chance for a much-needed adventure. All she has to do is find a century-old key.

Three others – a guitarist, an engineer, and a retiree – receive similar calls. Each family possesses a key to a four-lock safe found buried in a Virginia courthouse, though their connection is as mysterious as the safe itself. Their ancestors should not have interacted, had no apparent reason to bury the safe, and should not have disappeared thereafter.

Bearing their keys, Michelle and the other descendants converge in the courthouse basement and open the safe, revealing the truth about their ancestors – a truth stranger, more deadly, and potentially more world-changing than any of them could have imagined. Now it’s up to them to keep their discovery out of the wrong hands.


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