Faith and Fury – New Release Blitz


Author: Tiger Hebert

Book title: Faith and Fury

Genre: YA Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Publish date: 10/1/19


She’s a holy warrior. He’s a demon hunter. And they have one HELL of a problem.

Vacinne LeDroux is a Rift Warden, a champion of the Light, a defender of the mortal realm. It’s something she dreamed about her whole life. After five years of rigorous study and training at the Kothari Temple, she is sent on her first solo mission. She is tasked with finding the whereabouts of a missing Warden and his company.

The Warden’s trail leads her to a small village. Upon arrival she discovers that the entire town has been massacred. Vacinne finds herself face to face with a powerful demon and tries to summon all her courage, but she is no match for him. Realizing she’s in way over her head, she seeks out a sell-sword.

The Black Blade is no ordinary bounty hunter. He’s a Rift Hunter, one skilled enough to track down rifts and the demons that step through them. With time running out, he’s Vacinne’s only hope at accomplishing her mission—but he doesn’t come cheap.

Story sample:

The smoke of fires rose from the gloomy village up ahead of Vacinne LeDroux. The rift warden pushed her weary horse into the village’s growing shadow. The young holy warrior’s rugged armor bounced with every step her horse made. The light of the late afternoon sun painted warmth upon her beautiful, pale face. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a tight tail and her bright blue eyes scanned the scene before her.

Stone houses that looked like time had forgotten them loomed ahead. Moss clung to their stones. Thatched roofs would protect the dwellings from the night’s coming storm. Cawing crows and the gentle rush of the wind were the only sounds that escaped the village of Dunmorrow.

Why is it so quiet? wondered Vacinne.

As she reached the first row of houses, her horse stomped and snorted in protest and tried to pull back. Vacinne couldn’t deny it, this place unnerved her too. The dark alleys ahead of her invited dark images to her mind. Lightning flashed, then cracked and pealed in the distance. Fear grasped her chest, sending chilling fingers down her neck, forcing the breath from her lungs. Vacinne shuddered and gasped for breath as the cold gusts of storm winds blew through the town. Her horse shifted nervously in continued protest.

“Get a hold of yourself Vacinne,” she said in a hope that the reprimand might give her courage.

Her left hand stroked the uneasy mare’s neck.



Author bio:

I am a firm believer that the Light shines brightest in the darkness. That’s not only WHAT I write, but also WHY I write.

I love to explore humanity through fantasy, because it allows us to take ordinary people (and orcs) through impossible situations and see what or who comes out the other side. It is often that through trials and tribulations that we get to see the most honest version of not only our characters, but ourselves. It is through this lens that we can discover truths. That is why I write dark, epic fantasy that dares to hope.

I am a Christian, husband, father of three young children, and a veteran. I have a BA in Communications. I was born and raised in Maine, and currently live in North Carolina. I love spending time in nature, and I especially enjoy hiking and swimming. When I’m not busy writing or chasing after my wife and kids, you can usually find me sneaking away for some quiet time with a good book. Some of the authors that inspire my writing are JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erikson, and Patrick Rothfuss.







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