Editorial Review – Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence


Title: Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence

Author: Guru Das

Genre: Spirituality / Self-Help


Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence is a thought-provoking work about recognizing and embracing one’s spirituality. From ancient parables to personal experiences, Guru Das employs a diverse set of examples to provide practical ways to deeply connect with oneself and find their life’s purpose. The book does not attempt to teach every life lesson, but rather, it offers teachings that provide space for the readers to grow and learn on their own time and in their own way.

Don’t let its short length fool you––Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence is to be savored. This book is best read slowly to give readers time to ponder the teachings and come to their own personal understanding of the lessons that came from the analogies, stories, and explanations.

The book is formatted like a self-help book, with a different theme assigned to each chapter. The chapter then contains several sections that go into detail about that theme and closes with a summary and conclusion section, called “Lessons”. The chapters are well-organized, and the sections are short and straight to the point. Guru Das is articulate and provides unique but easy to understand analogies to demonstrate their lessons. However, there are a few times when the analogies can be a bit abstract. In these moments, the chapter lesson is explained but not fully applied to real-life situations, so readers may struggle connecting to the message.

Every chapter begins with a different quote, each worthy of pausing and interpreting at one’s own pace. The quotes are versatile enough to reach people regardless of their situation or circumstance, but specific enough to allow for deep connection and resonance with readers.

One of the most powerful takeaways from the book is the importance of nonjudgmental mindsets. The book emphasizes not judging oneself and to accept oneself as they are. Guru Das leads by example by writing in a tone that is nonjudgmental and creates a safe space for readers to embrace these messages.

Including more engaging or interactive exercises where readers can apply the chapters’ lessons to their own life, such as journal prompts or tips to maintain mindfulness in triggering situations, would help put the content of the book in context. The mirror-work exercise in chapter one is deep and affecting, so incorporating more of activities like this would make the book even more impactful on a reader’s experience.

People who are already familiar with different spiritual teachings can glean new perspectives on some basic principles. Those who are not familiar with the idea of spiritual intelligence will still be able to connect deeply with the messages while collecting a list of fascinating people, practices, and ideas to research further, if they’d like.

In Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence, Guru Das draws from spiritual teachings, yogic psychology, scientific studies, and more to give readers the chance to open themselves up to the mind and spirit’s highest potential. Inspiring and insightful, Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence is chock-full of quotes and messages that will open readers’ eyes to a new way of experiencing life. Using spiritual, emotional, and physical approaches, Guru Das guides readers as they learn how to transform their lives mindfully and consciously.




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