Editorial Review – Soul Stuff


Author: Ayla Doan

Title: Soul Stuff: A Personal Journey with Spirit Work and Past Life Regression

Genres: Nonfiction/New Age/Spirituality


Soul Stuff: A Personal Journey with Spirit Work and Past Life Regression by Alya Doan addresses several aspects about spirituality, including regression into past lives, reincarnation, and speaking with souls. The author is a healer who works with reiki and other spiritual techniques, often involving others who specialize in spirit work, and the book follows the conversations during several of their sessions.

Soul Stuff is a quick and easy read if one is searching for something about the topic of spirituality. It is a satisfactory introduction to the different parts of the soul or spirit and can be enjoyed by both believers and nonbelievers. The author uses dialogue between herself and who she’s working with to keep the story progressing evenly. The words flow effortlessly, immersing the reader in the conversation. The reader almost feels like they are part of the healing session.

Topics involving spirituality, such as different planes of existence, past lives, and animal (even plant and rock) souls may be met with skepticism from several readers. The author is aware of this and even points it out in the narrative, often with humor. If one is willing to suspend their disbelief, the topics presented are deserving of attention, consideration, and merit. There is a  nearly universal belief that there is more to the world than what science can explain or what we can experience with our senses. The drive to ask questions and search for answers is part of being human, and exploring spirituality is, in part, just that.

Although the topics are interesting, this reader would have enjoyed reading more details about the actual process of the healing sessions and moments of reaching out to and communicating with souls, spirit guides, and angels. Because this is a topic many are unfamiliar with, readers may potentially be interested in knowing how souls actually communicate, what the healer and the person being healed see and feel. These details are there somewhat, but the emotion could go deeper. Because this book is an introduction to spirituality, it does a solid job of keeping the reader’s interest, so perhaps a follow-up book that expands on these concepts would be in order.

The chapters on animal, tree, and rock souls are especially intriguing. Most readers likely don’t give much thought to plants and rocks having souls, but the concept is interesting nonetheless. To imagine a tree as patient and not concerned with the worries of people shows their timelessness and longevity.

The chapters on soul rescue are moving. Souls of those died tragically, some who didn’t even realize they were dead, are some of the saddest parts of this book. Doan encourages them to move toward the light and be at peace. Whether the reader believes in an afterlife or not, the metaphor is heartening.

Soul Stuff is a straightforward and entertaining read for those who are looking for an introduction to spirituality. The dialogue-driven narrative drives the story forward and keeps the pages turning in Ayla Doan’s book. Whether a reader believes in spirit work or not, Soul Stuff presents several scenarios worth consideration.




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