Editorial Review – The Unicorn Diet


Title: The Unicorn Diet

Author: MK Lorber

Genre: Nonfiction / Health & Wellness / Diet & Nutrition


In The Unicorn Diet, readers will learn the basics of dieting. From understanding complex nutrition concepts to maintaining your physical and mental health, this nutrition book covers everything you need to know to create a health plan on your terms.

With a witty, funny poem that opens the book, The Unicorn Diet hooks you from page one. The personable voice and vibrant humor continue throughout the book. Most notably, we see them in the fun food facts at the beginning of each chapter. These small touches of humor keep readers engaged and excited to read on. Lorber brings light and energy into her writing and readers will enjoy reading it as a book and as a nutrition guide. The entire reading experience feels like a friend is on your side for your weight loss journey.

The book does not have a table of contents nor an index. Since it is a nonfiction work, excluding the TOC and index makes the book a bit harder to navigate. Both a TOC and an index would help readers gauge what material the book covers and track their progress while reading, as well as make it easy for them to refer back to specific sections.

One of the best parts of the book is the infographics. Lorber uses graphic visuals to explain and break down scientific processes and ensures the reader has a clear understanding of the basics for the science-focused parts of the book. The graphics are not only helpful, but they are also more enjoyable to look at than sitting through paragraphs of scientific jargon. That being said, the first 70 or so pages are quite dense with scientific terms. Although, the terms are necessary to understand in order to grasp the basics of how the body works and what is required to create a healthy “diet”.

Lorber provides explanations on many of the most popular diets and fads. It is extremely helpful to see how these diets are sensationalized as well as the reality and breakdown of what actually happens to the body when we cut out, limit, and binge entire food groups. At the end of each chapter, there are citations for where the information was sourced. Including citations in a visible, clear location adds validity to the facts in the book and allows readers to easily do their own research.

The guide includes homework assignments that are practical and accessible. There are no abstract lessons, just straightforward exercises to create and track your new approach to dieting. Even though the book is focused on weight loss, the nutrition facts and information can be applied to any health goal. However, these homework assignments are exclusively based on weight loss, so readers will have to be creative to rework the assignments if they want to maintain or gain weight.

Full of humor and charm, The Unicorn Diet is the nutrition book that keeps it real. The straight-forward advice is easy to follow and even easier to apply to your daily life. With no fluff, no scams, and no secret agenda, The Unicorn Diet breaks down the science behind dieting to give readers control of how to approach their weight loss journey the healthy way.



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