Twenty-seven Tiered Almond Cake – Book Review


Author Amber Laura has outdone herself with this incredible, fun novel about Charlie’s heroic attempt to plan her sister’s wedding.
Right from the start the reader is drawn into Charlie’s thoughts and feelings and despite the fact that she isn’t always entirely honest with herself, one mostly gets to know her weaknesses, her pain, her hopes and her fears through her interactions with other people.

I loved the witty dialogues supplemented by Charlie’s thoughts.
I loved the humorous note underlying the whole story – even at those points where Charlie opens up to Kantor, the creator of the mouthwatering almond cake (I demand a slice as recompensation for having to read about this heavenly cake without ever getting any!) and finally admits to her weak side (which made me cry while I was still smiling).


I loved the cake dreams!

I loved the end as well because it was unexpected, but not as overdone as my imagination had made it out.

It was hard to put this book down and not least of all because of the author’s fabulous writing style, which has definitely improved since her last novel. The first scene in the bakery alone is worth spending money to read.

My favorite sentence from this book after Charlie had finished the centerpieces for the wedding with lots of artificial snow:

“It kind of looks like a fairy puked pixie dust all over the place.”




This guest review was contributed by Annette Spratte, author of  “The Way of Life” and its prequel short story “Survivor.” You can also follow her on Facebook.

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