The Healer’s Secret – Book Review


The newly released Healer’s Secret by Helen Pryke is a beautifully disturbing story.

Not a cozy read, it deals with controversial topics like alcoholism, domestic violence and decisions that can turn the fate of a whole family. Strung out over several generations of women who pass their healer’s knowledge on from mother to daughter, the tale draws the reader into their troubles and heartaches.

The author unfolds things nobody wants to talk about, but she does so in such a quiet way that the drama of the situations touches the reader gently, allowing for emotions to well up and settle again without the strenuous rush of modern sensationalism.

While the themes of this book are deeply disturbing, the story is one of hope and courage, filled with the strength of blood ties and heritage and the will to overcome the bad things life tends to throw in one’s face.

A highly recommended read!




This guest review was contributed by Annette Spratte, author of  “The Way of Life” and its prequel short story “Survivor.” You can also follow her on Facebook.

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