Fires – Book review


Novel titles are seldom as apt as Tom Ward’s Fires, which follows Guy, a firefighter in a town dominated by its vast steelworks, and Nathan and his friends, teenage arsonists whose lives are otherwise foreclosed by poverty, corruption and ‘the system’. Guy and Nathan’s paths eventually cross in expected and unexpected ways – most of them fiery – in an intermittently compelling narrative suffused with anger and loss.

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Editorial Review – Hoagie & Katie


Title: Hoagie & Katie

Author: Rio Koviak

Genre: KidLit


Hoagie & Katie is a KidLit story of an adventure that plays out between two lost animals, a hamster and a capybara. Hoagie, a domesticated hamster, and a wild and free capybara named Katie journey through the waterways and wildness of the jungle in search of Katie’s family.

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Editorial Review – The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion


Title: The WasteWise Kitchen Companion: Hundreds of Practical Tips for Repairing, Reusing, and Repurposing Food

Author: Jean B. MacLeod

Genre: Non-Fiction


Have you been thinking about or actively making efforts to cut down on food waste and save money on your grocery budget? If so, then The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion: Hundreds of Practical Tips for Repairing, Reusing, and Repurposing FoodHow to Eat Better, Save Money, and Utilize Leftovers Creatively, by Jean B. MacLeod, offers the perfect solution for you.

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Editorial Review – Home: Interstellar


Title: Home: Interstellar

Author: Ray Strong

Genre: Science Fiction / Mystery

Home: Interstellar throws us into the fathomless territory known as outer space, in the 22nd century, and into the life of Meriel Hope, a woman who has suffered the worst kind of tragedy imaginable. Ten years after the massacre aboard the Princess, and after the loss of her family, she survives working aboard the Tiger, trying to put the pieces back together. Meriel is left to sift through both fantasy and reality, as she grapples with the possibility that there might be other survivors. As deeper truths come to light, she comes to realize the danger she’s in. She must put a stop to it before it’s too late.

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Editorial Review – The Last One: JFK Returns


Title: The Last One: JFK Returns 

Author: Mary Carruthers

Genre: Urban Fantasy


November 22, 1963: a date that has left an indelible imprint on the minds and hearts of Americans because of the tragic assassination of one of the most beloved presidents in history: John F. Kennedy (JFK). 

We’ve read the books and we think we know everything there is to know about the series of events that led to an American hero’s untimely death, including who was to blame.

But what if everything we thought we knew was a lie?

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Editorial Review – Sam’s Theory


Title: Sam’s Theory

Author: Sarah Mendivel

Genre: Young Adult

This is the thoughtful and philosophical story of Sam, a young woman who grows beyond the abuse, neglect, and rejection she’s experienced from the adults in her life. The tale starts with her on the run in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and follows her journey of growth and discovery until at last she’s ready to rejoin the world and interact with it once again.

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Editorial Review – Thorns of Chester Street


Title: Thorns of Chester Street

Author: Shawn Alex Nemeth

Genre: Memoir


At seven years old, Shawn Nemeth walks into the little, white church in his hometown all alone, desperately yearning for the love so lacking at home and finding it in a relationship with God. From a very young age, he’s known that he’s gay, which he’s been taught is a sin. This, combined with years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather, family members, and other bullies as a child, leaves Shawn confused and insecure despite eventually becoming an ordained pastor and chosen to lead a nationally-acclaimed worship band.

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Editorial Review – That Brant County Sound! In Pictures


Title: That Brant Country Sound! In Pictures

Author: Tom Ryerson

Genre: Non-Fiction / Biography / Illustrated with Pictures

That Brant County Sound! In Pictures provides readers and fans of Canadian Country Music the photographic heritage of Brant County, with snapshots of Terry Sumsion, Roger Quick, Jan Stevens, Fred H. W. McKenna, the Mercey Brothers, Dave Souliere, Terry Carisse, Marilynne Caswell, Marie Bottrell, Charlie Louvin, Don Oatman, Michelle Wright, and Whisky Hollow.

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Truth and The Serpent – Book Review



What if you encountered a dark and sinister character of not so subtle reputation? One whose origins are the very meaning of temptation and sin.

What do we really know of creation, myth, and belief? There was a Man, a Woman, a Garden, and of course… a Serpent. Yet, what we have come to know as temptation, and mortal sin are only one side of the story. You see, three sinned, and three were punished, but only two were expelled from the Garden, but afterwards…what happened to the Serpent?

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