Editorial Review – The LGBTQ Meditation Journal


Title: The LGBTQ Meditation Journal

Authors: Christopher Stone and Mary Sheldon

Genre: Non-fiction

This beautifully enriching novel is all about meditation, self-acceptance, and living your life with dignity, health, and happiness. This book is a meditation journal for the LGBTQ community but is designed and written in such a way that it is readable and beneficial for everyone. According to the authors, in order to benefit from this book, the reader should have the desire for happiness and self-improvement; one’s mind should be completely focused, body relaxed.

The main objective of the book is to build and enhance confidence, self-acceptance, self-love, pride, dignity, happiness, and tranquility among the LGBTQ community. It offers simple and effective techniques and exercises to accomplish a meditative state of mind.

The authors have also addressed various important questions about sexual orientation, love, relationships, acceptance by friends and family, and the effects it has on their personal being. The book explores some meditation techniques that can help the reader to relax and find the answers to these questions. It also offers exercises to free the reader’s mind from all toxicity.

The book teaches us the importance of loving and accepting ourselves, as others will accept us only when we start accepting ourselves. Our sexual orientation doesn’t define us, but what does define us is our spirit, our soul. What matters is feeling good about ourselves. It also explains the power of creation’s love and how it can benefit you even if you aren’t religious or believe in the creator.

Finding love is difficult, and some find it more of a challenge especially when first starting out. This journal explains that all you need is patience, the power to dream, and the determination to make those dreams come true. Even after they find the one they love and wish to spend their lives with, it can be hard for some friends and family members to accept.

In the latter part of the book, there are also meditation techniques for people who have seen their friends or family suffer, which will give them the strength to motivate, appreciate, and encourage them to continue forward. This journal describes the most important phase for any person belonging to the LGBTQ community is to come out, which can elicit reactions anywhere from support to disbelief to resistance. After that, the authors explain that taking pride in what you are is important and offers various exercises to proceed with it.

As we’ve read from this book, life is not just about fitting into your jeans; it’s about making your own mark. The authors have done a great job in designing the structure of this book, and a lot of research went into improvising the exercises and meditation techniques, which are quite helpful. This book is for anyone who is trying to find answers to their questions.




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