Reconstructing Amelia – Book Review


Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

I don’t know what made me chose this book first from all the list. It might be my attraction to mysteries and thrillers, to troubled characters or misunderstood teenagers. And this book is no different. Being set in a Brooklyn posh high-school it just reminded me of Gossip Girl and that messed up world.

After finishing Reconstructing Amelia in two days, I must admit it is a book you can’t put down . Who can put down a book about secrets and webs of lies that go far beyond everyone’s power to control them. It’s about hate and bullying, about strong and weak, about love, family and friendship. A mystery thriller that will blow your mind every 50 pages, making you feel dizzy.

So what is it all about? It’s about Amelia Baron and her life in the months before she died. It is also about her mother, lawyer Kate Baron, who is trying to figure out, to complete the mysterious puzzle surrounding her daughter’s death after receiving an anonymous text. Each chapter is both intriguing and captivating taking you either into Amelia’s world or Kate’s life before and after Amelia, presenting us Amelia’s texts or Grace Hall’s gossip blog posts. But I must warn you : in the journey Kate Baron embarks, there will be loads of bumps, so put on your seat belts.

Apart from being a thriller and a page turner, this book is also about love, the love that Amelia and Kate share, the short lovely time they spent together, will teach you that quality is better than quantity. We will learn to know Amelia an intriguing, lovable and loving character, who just happened to get involved with the wrong people.

On a downside, it was a bit to much at times and at one point I even started hating one of the characters. But that just shows how talented Kimberly McCreight is in shaping her characters. In the first pages you’ll find a resemblance with Gossip Girl, with the blog and all, but soon the resemblance is gone and you are carried in a world where you can feel suffocated at times. Is also shows us the “destructive” power of the internet.

An easy read that I really recommend. Whenever a novel gives me strong feelings  I will give it 5 stars. And Reconstructing Amelia is no exception.




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