A Still Small Voice – Book Review

366 pages, A Still Small Voice by John Reed was published by Delacorte Press in 2000. It was his debut novel.  

Alma is an orphan sent to live with her aunt. The year is 1859, which I absolutely loved. How simple life seemed to be then! There are plenty of lush country scenes in A Still Small Voice. It is a book about horses and home cures, as much as it is a romance.

We grow up with Alma, as she makes friends, meets the Cleveland’s and begins school.

I think my slight issue would be with the intial start to The Civil War, as it is only referred to as a time of change and after Alma is not allowed to see the Cleveland’s again.

The Civil War plays a large part of the book. John Reed details the effects of this on daily life and the evidence of death that blights war.

I also enjoyed the parts of make do and mend, the changes one village goes through over a period of time and that there is very much a bartering system, than money being exchanged for goods.

I do think A Still Small Voice could have gone on. The end feels as if it is only the beginning for a now grown up Alma and her family.




This guest review was contributed by Reader’s Handbook. All sorts of genres find homes here on this book review blog.

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