Lost in Shadows – Book Review



Lost in Shadows by Anita Devito


Romantic suspense is one of my favourite genres, as such I jumped at the chance to read and review Lost in Shadow. The blurb hinted at exciting things to happen, which made me eager to read this one. I was pulled into the story from the moment I began reading. The suspense at the drama at the start was riveting and I eagerly turned the pages as I wanted to know how the events would unfold.

Unfortunately, after a while, the story began to lose its momentum. I kept reading with the hopes that it would regain the momentum, but it did not. However, it should be noted that in spite of this, there were areas I enjoyed and some that I had issues with.

I found the characters to be interesting. From the moment I was introduced to Carolina Walker, I knew that she was not the typical romance heroine. As a matter of fact, I kept wondering if she would be brave enough to own up to her feelings. She suffered from agoraphobia.

It was not evident as to what triggered her condition, but it sure made her a prisoner for the past two years. It was clear that she was feisty, strong-willed and independent. It was a pleasure watching her attempt to move beyond her fears and reclaiming the life she once lived.

Jeb McCormick is a former Navy Seal who became sheriff and is now a private security consultant. He was contacted by Carolina’s brother to find out who wanted to hurt her and in the process provide her with the necessary protection. I liked him from the start and as the story progressed, I was intrigued by him.

Their initial meeting did not go too well. However, as the story progressed, they developed a rapport. I enjoyed their banter. Carolina kept Jeb on his toes. Their chemistry was undeniable, but I had an issue with how quickly these two fell in love. It happened within the space of a week, which did not give them sufficient time to really get to know each other

The story began on an adrenaline high. I actually sensed the fear in Carolina at this point. I was on the edge of my seat and I kept hoping that no harm would have come to her. It kept a steady pace from thereon but at about 40% into the story, it began to drag. Then there were certain aspects I found confusing and areas I could not wrap my head around. I found myself re-reading certain scenes due to the confusing events such as the car chase. Then there was the case of the stalker. After the identity of the stalker was discovered, nothing was done about it. I found it weird, especially with the role the person played in the story.

Another aspect of the story that confused the heck out of me was the use of the name Clyde. Seriously! Here is a family where almost all the men in the family were nicknamed Clyde. This made it difficult to determine who was speaking to whom at times.

Personally, I felt that some of the scenes were not necessary. They added no value to the story if anything it helped to slow down the pace.



This story had the potential to be an adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat read. However, it fell short based on the above issues. Overall, this was a fair read, not my favourite, but ok enough for me to get some enjoyment from it.

Three Addictive Stars




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