The Good Girl – Book Review

The Good Girl


You know that moment when you finish a book and you’re in a trance? You don’t realize what just happened. It’s like a train just hit you, but there are no signs of injuries. Well, that’s what I experienced after finishing reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I do love books with twists, and this is the best I read this year.

I just love thrillers, especially the ones where main character is a woman. Can’t help it. So after reading The Girl on the Train this fall, I thought the chances to find another thriller to hook me are really scarce. I was so wrong as Mary Kubica proved it to me.

First things first, let’s meet The Dennetts. Mia Dennett, a free spirit and a rebel, who just can’t follow her father’s rules (can’t really blame her). Coming from a rich, influential but dysfunctional family, Mia’s only dream is to have her own life, far away from her father and his influence. So she becomes an art teacher instead of a lawyer. Judge Dennett, doesn’t take this rebellion really well, since the only thing he cares about is his image, so his family must be an example to the community.

Eve Dennett, Mia’s mother, just gave in to her imperialist marriage, accepting all of James Dennett infidelities and dirty deeds. Mia’s sister, Grace, is the female version of her father. So there you have it, a family that is about to be shaken even more. Mia, who is about to turn 25 this year, disappears with no trace. Who is to blame? Where is she? What happened to her? Detective Gabe is about to find out.

What got me into this book, apart from the characters and the easy way they connect, is the time frame. We have a “Before” and an “After,” and everyone tells the story according to these times. I also loved the fact that the book doesn’t have too many characters, so it’s easy to follow. The narrative part is also a very interesting choice. While the book is all about Mia, she is not the narrator. Colin, Eve, and Gabe narrate everything from their point of view. Only in the Epilogue does Mia gets her own voice and her side of the story.

As usual, I’m not going to tell anything about the plot. I like mysteries, they are the ones that make you want more. I would just say that this book sent me the anxiety, the terror, the sadness, and all the strange feelings only a good read can do. You are there; you are Mia, Eve, Colin, and Gabe. You live through them. You cry, you laugh, you have nightmares, and you remain speechless. Mia’s character is brilliant, but to realize that, you need time and you need to read the entire book. Eve and Gabe become a team in the search of a lost daughter, while Colin and Mia… Well, you’ll find out in the book. :)

The Good Girl gave me the impression of a real story I heard when I was younger and now comes back to life through the eyes and the words of the participants. I am not going to praise this book more, but if you are into thrillers, I advise you to read it. It gets 5 out of 5 stars, and it’s the best book I read this year.

You can find The Good Girl  here.



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9 thoughts on “The Good Girl – Book Review”

  1. I love your review of The Good Girl. Mary Kubica is a writer to keep on your radar. Definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year. As soon as i finished the Good Girl I was off reading Pretty Baby.


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