Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening – Book Review



Shadows of Atlantis

Book’s author: Mara Powers

Book’s summary: Atlantis is a luxurious paradise run by crystal technology built in alignment with nature. For thousands of years, Atlanteans have powered their cities with a Crystal Grid fed by psychic mindlight. But the Grid has been infiltrated by parasitic shadows that feed off the negative emotions of humans – an epidemic called “the madness.”

D’Vinid, a dejected musician, is consumed by his personal problems. He meets Brigitte as she arrives on a mission to uncover the corruption of the Grid. Their magnetic attraction forces him to accept he is among those born with a gene that can awaken the mystical powers once believed to be the birthright of all humans. As Atlantis slowly drowns in the trap of hubris and self-indulgence, he is faced with the shocking realization that it could very well be the end of days.


Book Review: In a brand new novel by debut author Mara Powers, Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening, readers will be taken along on an absolutely epic journey to amazing Atlantis, focus of stories both old and new. The Atlantis of author Powers’ work is a beautiful paradise, one in which everyone can live to their highest potential, and in complete peace with nature.

Atlantis is run by the Crystal Grid, energized by the psychic power of its inhabitants, and this has worked well for thousands of years. But now the grid is in danger. Parasites feeding off of humans’ negative emotions are pulling energy away from the grid. Atlantis and all of its perfection could be lost forever. D’Vinid, a musician who feels rather rejected and can think of nothing but his personal problems, meets Brigitte from Atlantis, and finds that he may be the only key to the survival of this idyllic place.

But can someone so flawed, so enmeshed in his own private problems, really be able to move forward to help a society in desperate need? You’ll need to read the book to find out!

I loved this book. Loved. It. Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening is an absolutely fantastic read that had me turning the pages obsessively from the very beginning. Once I started this book, I simply could not put it down, it was that good. Author Mara Powers has done a fabulous job in creating characters that her readers will truly care about and connect with.

Her ability to create a fantastic but believable world is simply second to none. Any reader who loves a great read in the fantasy genre, or simply a wonderful work of fiction, should absolutely read Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening. I highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading more in this promising new series and from the highly talented newcomer, Mara Powers, hopefully in the very near future!




Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite.


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