A Colossal Injustice – Editorial Review


Title: A Colossal Injustice: A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery

Author: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.

Genre: Mystery / Fiction


A Colossal Injustice: A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery” intriguingly continues the detective stories of Griffin Knight. Fresh off his most recent case, Knight is traveling to Seattle. A personal debt has brought him cross country to investigate a murder. Dylan Walker, the COO/CFO of Colossus, a defense contractor has been found dead. The information around the case provided to Knight comes from a woman named Skylar who was the victim’s fiancée. Knight hasn’t met Skylar, but her information has proven accurate in the past. Soon Knight is teamed with a local cop and friend of Dylan’s in probing the circumstances in and around Dylan’s untimely end.

Author Miguel Hernandez rolls out the narrative in a cohesive and distinct manner. His protagonist is hopping from one case into the next, not losing a step in the process. The action is seen through the eyes of multiple characters throughout the book, providing a diverse perspective. Knight is sharp and instinctive in his detective work, but he is on a different playing field where his jurisdiction is non-existent.

The tangible emotional elements of the story are primarily seen through the eyes of Dylan and his killer. There is a mystery within a mystery as Dylan’s final days are relayed. The closer Dylan comes to solving his mystery, he is unwittingly sealing his own fate. The villain(s) in this story are not complex, nor is their motive for murder. However, their rationale for their crimes and their cavalier approach to committing them prove chilling. Knight and his impromptu investigators have their work cut out for them, as the killers are highly intelligent and resourceful.

Hernandez never loses the reader in his multi-layered narrative, each chapter quietly building up the suspense. The world of corporate crime is enigmatic, but Hernandez never dwells in complexities. The chasing of leads and the adversaries’ attempts to stifle those leads from bearing fruit provide a good portion of the thrills. As with his previous book, Hernandez doesn’t rely on the gratuitous in telling his story. He provides a victim with a backstory and a killer with their own rationale for why the murder is just.

The clever storytelling throughout the book leads the way to an explosive climax that proves intense and enjoyable. The reader will not be disappointed.

The chapters diverge between Knight and other characters’ point of view. However, as in this book’s predecessor, Knight often becomes a background character in this novella. Knight is the character that readers have an emotional investment in from its inception. Characters who are featured, but yet may not resurface are often forgotten, whereas Knight is the anchor for the action.

“A Colossal Injustice” is an excellent sequel to “Do Nothing” in presenting a head scratching whodunit with an array of intriguing characters. Hernandez continues to sharpen his skill as a mystery writer, moving high tension from the streets of New York to the complex machinations of the corporate world. Hernandez has carved a niche for himself in the mystery genre.



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