The 7-Minute Shift – Editorial Review


Title: The 7-Minute Shift

Author: Michelle Sera

Genre: Self-Help / Business


The 7-Minute Shift is a self-help workbook primarily aimed at readers who are beginning to build or wish to further their business success.

Designed by Michelle Sera, founder of ElevatedMind™ and certified Happiness Coach and Freedom Formula Facilitator, The 7-Minute Shift is a seven-stage process that promises to enhance results and productivity if applied correctly.

The 7-Minute Shift packs a lot of information into a small book that can easily be read in an hour. Although designed for application to the business arena, The 7-Minute Shift, with a few tweaks, could be adapted for other life areas.

The book is clearly and professionally laid out. There are three main sections, containing short chapters that are easy to navigate and understand. Sera writes with a catchy, confident tone that immediately promotes motivation and a strong sense of positive psychology.

The chapters are broken down into focus points, exercises, and “Mantra Moments” text boxes. There is a bullet-pointed recap at the end of every chapter for consolidation and the reader also has access to bonus resources through the accompanying website.

The introduction is chatty, informal, and full of energy. Sera is adept at connecting with her audience, making the reader feel as though she is present. It’s super encouraging, peppered with humorous asides and amusing banter.

Nonetheless, this light-hearted approach disguises a sharp insight. Despite the conversational intimacy and personal anecdotes, Sera ensures her points are precisely made with simple yet instructive language, and the reader is not side-tracked by unnecessary filler when it comes to strategizing.

She impresses as having a sincere belief in her methods and genuine consideration for the reader to become fully involved. Her enthusiasm for the 7-minute shift is both contagious and convincing.

Section One contains three short chapters with preparation techniques before the 7-minute shift is unveiled in Section Two. Sera is careful to hold the reader’s attention in the first section. The exercises are relatively brief, uncomplicated to undertake, and relevant to most business models.

The foundation of Sera’s approach is to either eliminate or at least mitigate self-doubt and negativity, enabling the reader to elevate their mind and “raise [your] vibration.”

There is a lot of discussion about vibrational frequency and how the levels that a person exudes in their business dealings impact growth. The reader is given various mental tactics which will enable them to improve their positivity.

It’s a straightforward concept, but these obvious issues are often neglected or forgotten. Sera is adept at stripping back superfluity to enable the reader to focus on the basics of “streamlined manifesting” to encourage beneficial results.

In Section Two, Sera takes the reader through the steps and exercises for the 7-minute shift and also the core beliefs attached to the technique. There is quite a lot of material here which has been carefully delineated with titling, short sentencing, and key pointers.

However, during this section, the pace does occasionally become a little urgent, which makes the content a touch overwhelming, and there is a slight over-reliance on repetition. Notwithstanding, the well-defined structure of the book and its brevity means that it’s easy to review and pinpoint target areas.

Furthermore, Sera breaks down the steps of the 7-minute shift into phases and highlights the steps with letters corresponding to the action required for ease of memory, (for example “N” for the step challenging negative emotion).

The 7-Minute Shift is a useful, engaging, and accessible manual written with infectious self-belief and passion that showcases a concise and easy-to-follow technique. For those readers wishing to improve their business journey, The 7-Minute Shift could provide valuable assistance and support.



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