The Phoenix Career Principles – Editorial Review


Title: The Phoenix Career Principles

Author: Tony Pisanelli

Genre: Self-help / Non-fiction


The tumult of the past couple of years has made it even more challenging for today’s generation to achieve financial security and career growth. Political unrest and worldwide economic instability have resulted in peak inflation rates and a cost-of-living crisis that have sent many households reeling and stumbling into massive debts. The Phoenix Career Principles aims to help people navigate these uncharted waters so that individuals are not only able to weather the effects of change and uncertainty, but also thrive where others may falter.

This book uses tried and tested principles that would be familiar to readers who have read books on leadership and management. Most people, especially the ones who are most likely to buy this book, are well-versed on the theories of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic factors, and the process of doing a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats (SWOT) analysis. Tony Pisanelli attempts to package all of this and more within a slightly different framework, allowing new and fresh perspectives to appear even from familiar and well-trodden grounds.

Each chapter begins with a so-called Phoenix principle as a way of introducing the subsequent discussions. There were chapters where the principle and the content didn’t quite match, and consistency in this area would have given readers a better idea of what to expect and what they’ll get out of it. The chapter on Change, for example, started with a statement about having an inspired purpose. It then ended up being a thorough discussion on the value of scenario planning and forecasting, with helpful tips on how to plan and prepare for when the worst-case scenario happens.

This was actually one of the many strong chapters within this book and underscores the fact that it’s not so much the packaging that matters so much as the content. The contents of this book were thorough, well-written and crackling with wit and humor. It also incorporated elements that emphasized the need for readers to actually engage in the process, such as checkpoints and guide questions that allow readers to reflect, creating a fuller, more immersive reading experience.

Each chapter was peppered with anecdotes and real-life examples, some of them taken from the author’s own experiences. The examples could have been more varied. It drew heavily from the financial world, running the risk of this book being picked up by a very niche audience. This would be a real shame, as the message this book sends across transcends industries and professions. A little inclusivity would have gone a long way toward reaching people across different sectors who are increasingly doing more with less.

Essentially, the message of the book is simple: you are in control. This book is a wake-up call, a blaring alarm for people to pay attention to the world around them and, more importantly, to start taking responsibility for their choices and decisions. You can choose to let circumstances dictate the trajectory of your life, or you can shape and mold those circumstances to get you the life you want and deserve. For those who have the courage to take the driver’s seat, The Phoenix Career Principles will be there riding with you all the way.



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