The Devil Wears Prada – Book Review



I had a horrible boss in my previous job. She once made me bend down and fix a buckle on her shoe WHILE SHE WAS WEARING IT. Why she could’t have bent over and fixed it herself is beyond me. I think it was in that humbling, humiliating moment that I knew I had to find another job, and fast.

However, my boss was nothing like Miranda Priestly. Miranda is the editor of Runway magazine, a made-up fashion magazine with offices in New York City. Andrea is hired to be Miranda’s junior assistant – a job she is told that millions of girls would kill for.

Miranda expects her every whim to be catered to, and has a very short fuse when those whims are not cared for immediately. Her demands basically go around the clock, seven days a week, which essentially destroys Andrea’s personal life. Her boyfriend and best friend withdraw from her, her family is disappointed that she is unable to visit. She clings to the job, as it is promised that the job will open doors to the magazine industry, which she desperately wants to write for. Finally, she reaches her breaking point.

The novel is told with humor from Andrea’s perspective. Though Miranda’s character seems to be an over-the-top caricature, I found myself thinking that my former boss would probably act that way if she ever became that successful. Why people like that feel entitled to act like assholes to those trying to help them is beyond me.

You’ll be entertained by this story, disgusted with Miranda and those who just accept her awful behavior. You’ll be rooting for Andrea to go off on her. And maybe you’ll learn a little bit about fashion, too? I don’t know. I saw the movie several years ago, with Meryl Streep playing the titular character, and Anne Hathaway as Andrea. I don’t remember it enough to compare it to the book, but I liked them both.

You can find The Devil Wears Prada here.





Guest review contributed by Grown Up Book Reports. Embracing a sense of humor, this blog doesn’t consider its content to be the average book review.

5 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada – Book Review

  1. I can’t believe you old boss had you do that, it sounds something straight out of a book/film to be honest, what a crappy experience!mI haven’t read the book, but I remember watching the film, at one point the girls boss asks her to get her daughters a book that isn’t even out yet, so she goes all out trekking across the city to get them copies signed by the author, it was a pretty funny film!


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