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The Alchemist’s Daughter – Book Review



The Alchemist’s Daughter by Mary Lawrence

Bianca is a chemiste (NOT an Alchemist) and is fascinated by science and creating new medicines. When her best friend Jolyn dies right in front of her, Bianca is determined to figure out the cause. She wants justice for her friend, but Bianca also needs to clear her name since she has suddenly become suspect number one.

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The Miracle Girl – Book Review



In 1999, there is a girl in a small town near L.A. in a coma (technically she’s suffering from a condition called akinetic mutism). People flock to her house just for a few minutes by her bedside. They say she can perform miracles, that she listens to them, that her room is alive, and that she glows. They call her “The Miracle Girl.”

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