A Jingle Valley Wedding – Editorial Review

  Title: A Jingle Valley Wedding Author: Martha Reynolds Genre: Women’s Fiction   This story explores the relational struggles of Julie Tate, a thirty-four-year-old career woman who starts to find her life lonely and unfulfilling. When her brother leaves the family farm and moves to Arizona, she’s the only one left, and her best friend,… Read More A Jingle Valley Wedding – Editorial Review

Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review

  Title: Written By Blood: Friction Author: Dwayne Gill Genre: Technothriller / Spy Thriller / Action & Adventure   This is the second installment in a thoughtful, realistic thriller series set in the near future where three men and their allies have to outsmart the marked men, a terrorist organization set to overthrow the current… Read More Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review

Kenneth Chapter – Editorial Review

  Title: Kenneth Chapter  Author: S. M. Lambert Genre: Fiction    A red Ferrari, a violent delinquent, the sexy captain of the high school cheerleading squad, and lots of kickass karate: Charles Gill Jr.’s three-week adventure is a wild one. In Kenneth Chapter, sixteen-year-old Charles promises to make the most of his three weeks of… Read More Kenneth Chapter – Editorial Review

Rebirth in Acadi – Editorial Review

  Author: Susan Swanson Title: Rebirth in Acadi Genre: Contemporary / Literary / Historical Fiction   Rebirth in Acadi tells the story of two women—Louise Dennis, an African-American who leaves her racial identity and family connections behind in hopes of enjoying a prejudice-free life, and Margaret Bohr, an older woman whose husband’s job has taken… Read More Rebirth in Acadi – Editorial Review