Editorial Review – Stranded in Love

  Book Title: Stranded In Love Author: Victoria Grant Genre: Contemporary romance   Two strangers find themselves stranded and at the mercy of the whims of Mother Nature in this offering by Victoria Grant. The first novel in the Calderone series, it tells the story of Laney Calderone who, by anyone’s standards, is having one heck of a bad… Read More Editorial Review – Stranded in Love

Editorial Review – Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun

  Title: Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun Author: Andi Marchal Genre: Romance / Fantasy   A chance encounter at a Russian Literature course becomes the first step to a world of magic and romance for aspiring writer Kaat Collins. Through her immediate and intense connection with the enigmatic Kolya Orlov, Kaat becomes increasingly involved… Read More Editorial Review – Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun

Editorial Review – The Shadow Master’s Miss

  Title: The Shadow Master’s Miss Author: Barbara St. Raine Genre: Historical Romance   An unexpected and violent intrusion on the Kingsley’s land tears the family apart, leaving four of the children stranded, terrified for their lives and longing for their parents. Tara, the eldest daughter, is forced to fend for her brother and sisters… Read More Editorial Review – The Shadow Master’s Miss