The Tears of Hope – Editorial Review

  Title:  The Tears of Hope (Book 1)        Author: Peter A. Hubbard           Genre: Thriller   The first attack decimates Vatican City and is followed by further atrocities causing lasting, catastrophic damage to the world’s economic, political, and religious foundations. Can Colonel PJ Anthony, the maverick lead investigator of Interpol, find the culprits before the planet… Read More The Tears of Hope – Editorial Review

The Phoenix Career Principles – Editorial Review

  Title: The Phoenix Career Principles Author: Tony Pisanelli Genre: Self-help / Non-fiction   The tumult of the past couple of years has made it even more challenging for today’s generation to achieve financial security and career growth. Political unrest and worldwide economic instability have resulted in peak inflation rates and a cost-of-living crisis that… Read More The Phoenix Career Principles – Editorial Review

A Perfect Night – Editorial Review

  Title: A Perfect Night Author: Joseph Stone Genre: Horror   After her mother’s death in a horrible car accident, Frances Tarantino continues to feel her mother’s presence surrounding her. She sends Frances ladybugs and presents as a means of comfort, and in a horrific version of the angst that accompanies a mother-daughter relationship during… Read More A Perfect Night – Editorial Review