Poll: What New Genre Are You Most Willing to Take a Chance On?

Other than your tried-and-true genres, which ones are new to you that you’d be most willing to take a chance on? Click the poll below to give your opinion.

It’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks.

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The R-Word – Book Review


About the book:

Publisher: Merrimack Media
Date of publish: November 2015
Pages: 202
Book: e-book

From the darkest of places, comes a story of healing and hope. In his debut novel, The R-Word, Michael Forcier deftly creates a suspenseful story of a young man’s ability to retain his dignity and human kindness, under horrendous circumstances.

We follow story of Zachary Chandler, a young man adrift in life, struggling with the complexities of sexual identity and hindered by subconscious guilt. After a night out at a bar, he wakes to find himself locked in a cage in an ominous basement. Along with two other captives, he is forced to endure torture and other abuses while striving not only to stay alive, but to maintain a sense of humanity. The key to both lies in the help of an autistic boy languishing upstairs.

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