Season of Waiting – Editorial Review

  Title: Season of Waiting Author: Jim Christopher Genre: Thriller / Suspense   Caleb Allard, an accountant living in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico, has stage-four pancreatic cancer. At this point, there is nothing the doctors can do for him, so he arranges his medically-assisted suicide, the Final Release, in an effort to spare his… Read More Season of Waiting – Editorial Review

Deadly Dissertation – Editorial Review

  Title: Deadly Dissertation                        Author: Rod Courser         Genre: Suspense / Thriller   Sara Ricci is a talented, young Italian scientist studying in America. When she discovers secret research papers that belonged to her great-grandfather and begins to experiment, she becomes a target of not only legitimately interested parties, but also those less scrupulous…

Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review

  Title: Written By Blood: Friction Author: Dwayne Gill Genre: Technothriller / Spy Thriller / Action & Adventure   This is the second installment in a thoughtful, realistic thriller series set in the near future where three men and their allies have to outsmart the marked men, a terrorist organization set to overthrow the current… Read More Written By Blood: Friction – Editorial Review