Reach – Editorial Review

  Title: Reach: Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Best Life                 Author: Nate Thurgood   Genre: Self-Help       In Reach, Nate Thurgood has brought his considerable expertise and experience from the high-level corporate world to devise a personal growth program, enabling readers to fulfill their potential by focusing on five key areas, core goals, and… Read More Reach – Editorial Review

Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless – Editorial Review

  Title: Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless Author: Isabella Milan Genre: Non-fiction / Memoir / Self-Help   This beautifully systematic book shares the author’s own struggles in life and health as she dealt with her ending marriage right after she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. The author then offers support and… Read More Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless – Editorial Review

Stepping Beyond Intention – Editorial Review

  Title: Stepping Beyond Intention Author: Daniel Mangena Genre: Self-help   Changing behaviors is difficult and changing the ways you think are even harder. In Stepping Beyond Intention, the author outlines an interesting process that promotes positive internal changes that radiate to positive physical outcomes. He explains the four-step process to change the way a… Read More Stepping Beyond Intention – Editorial Review

Appreciation and Meaning Journal – Editorial Review

  Title: Appreciation and Meaning Journal Author: Andrew Eltes Genre: Self-help   The world moves so fast, and us along with it, that people don’t always find the time to be mindful of the present and to be appreciative of the many things in their lives that are potential sources of happiness, growth, and meaning.… Read More Appreciation and Meaning Journal – Editorial Review

Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide – Editorial Review

  Title: Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide Author: Susan Aranda Genre: Memoir / Self-Help   In Susan Aranda’s memoir, Waking Up Human, Aranda revisits her life experiences involving childhood trauma, heartbreak, motherhood, and aging parents. From being raised by an abusive mother, to going through two abusive marriages, to taking care of her dying father, this story of a strong woman who… Read More Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life

  Title:  Understanding the Patterns of Your Life: Take Charge of Your Destiny Author: George Pan Kouloukis Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation   This book explores a remarkable theory—that all human lives on the planet are locked into good and bad seasons which rotate every 16 to 17 years, transitioning on the same year worldwide. The author examines… Read More Editorial Review – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life

Editorial Review – Deserving Good

  Title: Deserving Good: Getting to Know Your Real Self and Live a More Fulfilling Life Author: Leora Zairi Genre: Self-Help   This short self-help work by Leora Zairi provides gentle guidance towards self-awareness and transforming one’s life for the good. Focused primarily on knowing one’s self—one’s desires, needs, and emotional wants and making choices based on loving… Read More Editorial Review – Deserving Good

Editorial Review – Manage My Emotions

  Author: Kenneth Martz Title: Manage My Emotions: What I Wish I’d Learned in School about Anger, Fear and Love Genre: Self Help   This thoughtful book examines a range of emotions including anger, fear, love, joy, grief, and compassion, offering a variety of tools for successfully navigating these common experiences and improving one’s life… Read More Editorial Review – Manage My Emotions