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Editorial Review – The Simple and Easy Manager


Title: The Simple and Easy Manager: What Managers Need to Know Before They Need to Know It

Author: Ned Parks

Genre: Non-Fiction

This is a short, entertaining read for professionals of all walks of life, whether one is a manager of a company or handles just one’s own “life.” The author uses the fictional story of Quentin Spalding to illustrate a variety of management principles, from discussions of how to make meetings work to creating a welcoming work environment.

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Editorial Review – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life


Title:  Understanding the Patterns of Your Life: Take Charge of Your Destiny

Author: George Pan Kouloukis

Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation

This book explores a remarkable theory—that all human lives on the planet are locked into good and bad seasons which rotate every 16 to 17 years, transitioning on the same year worldwide. The author examines 22 famous people from the 1400s to present day to see which sort of seasons they enjoyed, when, and how their seasons impacted their lives and the world.

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Editorial Review – Deserving Good

Title: Deserving Good: Getting to Know Your Real Self and Live a More Fulfilling Life

Author: Leora Zairi

Genre: Self-Help

This short self-help work by Leora Zairi provides gentle guidance towards self-awareness and transforming one’s life for the good. Focused primarily on knowing one’s self—one’s desires, needs, and emotional wants and making choices based on loving oneself—the author speaks from her own experience in an insightful way without being pedantic or overly technical.

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The Cozy Life – Book Review



The Cozy Life is a cute, short book about the concept/feeling of hygge and how to bring it into your life.

Note: I’m NOT sponsored to write this review, I just really loved this book

I found out about hygge through a random news article my sister-in -law posted to Facebook a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the idea and immediately began researching it online. One of the first things I found was this book, and since the price was amazing ($4!) I bought and devoured it in only a couple hours!

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