Editorial Review – Death Before Dishonor

  Title: Death Before Dishonor Author: Kenny Hyman Genre: Espionage Action/Suspense This novel tells the story of Terry and Yuri Ciccone—brothers and partners in their craft of killing silently, without presence and without trace—as they go from youth to manhood and discover the costs of learning to fight. Yuri is white while Terry is black,… Read More Editorial Review – Death Before Dishonor

Editorial Review – Sophie’s Playlist

  Title: Sophie’s Playlist: The Gramble Chronicles Author: Michael Finocchiaro Genre: Fiction, Action and Adventure, Thriller This is a meandering, literary-style story spiced with romance, grit, and a touch of adventure as it covers the multiple storylines of three characters—Gramble, Zoe, and Samuel—as they explore a kaleidoscope of human experiences. On the thriller side, there… Read More Editorial Review – Sophie’s Playlist