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The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Book Review

the ocean at the end of the lane


Imagine that you are a seven year old boy in England, and that books are your refuge from a world without any friends. Then, one day, almost like a story from the books you love, you discover that the 2 women and 1 eleven year old girl- the Hempstocks- living at the end of your lane are possessed with magical capabilities beyond your greatest imaginings; and through these powers, even forces that can destroy worlds can be beaten.

This is the premise of Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Despite Goodreads, other websites, and the author himself stating that this is an adult horror novel, I did not view it this same way. To me, this has the makings of a classic of children’s literature…as long as the child reading this tale does not mind a few monsters and a bit of death.

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