Ticket to Temptation – Editorial Review

Title: Ticket to Temptation Author: Lilith Darville Genre: Erotic drama / Fantasy   Ticket to Temptation, by Lilith Darville, is a novel in the erotic romantic suspense genre. The book includes both sexual content and mystical elements. The main characters are looking for love for the second time. They have both been burned by past loves, either emotionally… Read More Ticket to Temptation – Editorial Review

The Brotherhood of Merlin: Lycenea – Editorial Review

  Title: The Brotherhood of Merlin: Lycenea Author: Rory D. Nelson Genre: Dark Fantasy / Action Adventure   In the second installment of The Brotherhood of Merlin series, all seems to be well when Merlin returns victorious from his and the Brotherhood’s defeat of the sadistic King of the Visi-Gauls. But an enemy close to home lingers, and it’s up… Read More The Brotherhood of Merlin: Lycenea – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – Breaking Into the Light

  Title: Breaking Into the Light Author: Cynthia A. Morgan Genre: YA Fantasy   The third book in the Dark Fey series brings the band of characters to their darkest battles. The Fey of the Light have managed to save some abducted younglings who were taken to become Dark Fey, but when Legionnaires follow them back across, complications… Read More Editorial Review – Breaking Into the Light

Editorial Review – The Tempter’s Bane

  Title: The Tempter’s Bane Author: Kyle McCurry Genre: Fantasy   The Tempter’s Bane, the second in Kyle McCurry’s fantasy series, picks up where The Fleeing Company left off. After Adroegen and his friends, Caitren, Edelbir, Kattalin, Vaenn, and Gleowan slayed the goblin chief and destroyed the Night’s Jewel, the company quickly finds themselves in… Read More Editorial Review – The Tempter’s Bane

Editorial Review – Walking Through Fire

  Title: Walking Through Fire Author: C. J. Bahr Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal   The first in a paranormal romance series, Walking Through Fire sets a tone for adventure, mishap, and spicy romance. This book covers Laurel Saville’s story as she visits northern Scotland on the heels of a messy breakup. Her best friend, Beth, has a… Read More Editorial Review – Walking Through Fire

Wizard’s First Rule – Book Review

  Wizard’s First Rule Series: Sword of Truth #1 Format: Kindle Rating: 4 stars   Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads) Richard Cypher’s decision to help a woman in the Upper Ven near the Boundary between the Midlands and Westlands creates more trouble than first appears. The woman, Kahlan Amnell, brings with her dark news from the other side… Read More Wizard’s First Rule – Book Review