Editorial Review – Unveiled Secrets

  Title: Unveiled Secrets Author: Carmen Oprea Genre: Contemporary Romance Unveiled Secrets is a story of how Leila Isidro, a thirty-something who struggles with her foster mother’s recent death, grows into a woman who knows where she came from and where she’s going. As such, it’s more of a women’s fiction story than pure romance,… Read More Editorial Review – Unveiled Secrets

Editorial Review – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life

  Title:  Understanding the Patterns of Your Life: Take Charge of Your Destiny Author: George Pan Kouloukis Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation This book explores a remarkable theory—that all human lives on the planet are locked into good and bad seasons which rotate every 16 to 17 years, transitioning on the same year worldwide. The… Read More Editorial Review – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life

Paradox Bound – Book Review

  Goodreads: Paradox Bound Author: Peter Clines Published: 26th September 2017 (Crown) Source: BloggingForBooks Rating: 3/5 (Liked it) Official Summary: “Eli’s willing to admit it: he’s a little obsessed with the mysterious woman he met years ago. Okay, maybe a lot obsessed. But come on, how often do you meet someone who’s driving a hundred-year-old car, clad in Revolutionary-War era clothes,… Read More Paradox Bound – Book Review