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The Short Drop


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The Short Drop

Discounted from $5.99 to $1.99.

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Cinder – Book Review



Author: Marissa Meyer

Date Published: January 3, 2012 (Feiwel & Friends)

Genre: YA, Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia, Fairy Tale Retelling

ISBN: 0312641893 (ISBN13: 9780312641894)

Pages: 390 (Hardcover)

Other Books in the Series: Scarlet | Cress | Winter

Links: Good Reads | Amazon | Amazon UK | Book Depository

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Ender’s Game – Book Review

Ender's Game


Let me preface this with the fact that I watched the movie before I read the book. And I liked the movie better.

That aside, this book was okay. The storyline was interesting, although I could never quite get over the fact that the kids were so young, but I think that was intended. As a founding author of the science fiction genre, and a definitive work, this is a very good book.

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Fangirl – Book Review



Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: YA Contemporary
Pages: 461
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Released: 10 September 2013

Cath and Wren are identical twins and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they’re off to university and Wren’s decided she doesn’t want to be one half of a pair any more – she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It’s not so easy for Cath. She would rather bury herself in the fanfiction she writes where there’s romance far more intense than anything she’s experienced in real life.

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Trial By Fire – Book Review

Trial By Fire


Title: Trial by Fire
Author: Josephine Angelini
Series: Worldwalkers Trilogy | Book 1
Pages: 400
Publisher: Square Fish (September 1, 2015)
Rating: 5 stars (Read It!)

The first novel of the Worldwalkers trilogy, Trial by Fire, by Josephine Angelini, tells the story of a girl named Lily Proctor with life threatening allergies.

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Book Review



Title: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Author: Stieg Larsson

Genre/Pages: Crime Fiction/672

Publisher: Vintage

Publishing Date: November 22, 2011

Rating: 3.5 Spines

Tammy’s One-Sentence synopsis: A journalist and a hacker combine their skills to solve a murder mystery that has been plaguing an old tycoon for over 40 years.

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Modern Romance – Book Review

Modern Romance


Hardcover: 288 pages

Publisher: Penguin Press (June 16, 2015)

Rating: 7/10

Reading Sara Review: I might be late to the game with this book because most Ansari fans have probably already read this book. I recommended it on my Holiday Gift Guide for your single brother–but I will also recommend it to you–because it is fun for people whether or not they are in a relationship.

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Legend – Book Review



Legend is the sixth and final book in the Real series by Katy Evans and follows the journey of Maverick “the Avenger” Cage. Cage is new to the underground circuit and is determined to take out every other fighter in his path so he can reign as the champion.

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