Editorial Review – Sage Stone: The Magic Between The Worlds

  Title: Sage Stone: The Magic Between The Worlds Author: Darcy Deming Genre: YA / Adventure / Spirituality   In this unique coming of age story, Darcy Deming tells the tale of Sage Stone, his extraordinary family, and the equally extraordinary journey he must take to become the man he was destined to be. Chosen… Read More Editorial Review – Sage Stone: The Magic Between The Worlds

Editorial Review – Melissa and Kasho

  Title: Melissa and Kasho Author: Camilla Chance Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal   A young girl from a comfortable upbringing goes on a journey to discover her full potential in this latest offering from author Camilla Chance. Melissa has always followed the rules, especially those set out by her domineering and abusive parents. An… Read More Editorial Review – Melissa and Kasho

I Am the Messenger – Book Review

  Title: I Am the Messenger Author: Markus Zusak Genre: Literary Fiction/YA   Ed Kennedy knows he’s a nobody. However, after the nineteen-year-old cab driver thwarts a bumbling bank robbery attempt, Ed is selected by an unknown party to make a difference in the lives of people he’s never met before. His leads? Nothing more than addresses and… Read More I Am the Messenger – Book Review

Prophecy of Thol – Book Review

  Goodreads: Prophecy of Thol Author: Dawn Greenfield Ireland Published: 6th September 2017 (Artistic Origins Inc) Source: Copy from Author Rating: 5/5 (It was amazing) Official Summary: “Recurring nightmares haunted D’laine Jackson when she woke from an eight-month coma following a tragic accident. Four images were branded in her head: a dark-haired, handsome princely young man, a fierce reptilian monster, a… Read More Prophecy of Thol – Book Review