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Editorial Review – Collective Ownership Based Economy


Title: Collective Ownership Based Economy: A Road Map to Prosperity, Peace, and Happiness for All

Author name: Prathapchandra Kedilaya

Genre: Politics / Socioeconomic System


This book details the steps necessary, according to the author, to achieve the socioeconomic dream of a nation and world without war, poverty, divisions, anger, and crime.

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Editorial Review – Citizens Not Slaves: The Rise of the 99%


Title: Citizens Not Slaves: The Rise of the 99%

Author: Seán Gearárd McCloskey

Genre: Non-Fiction / Political Science


This heartfelt work discusses how the 99% has been kept down by the 1% “Global Power Elite,” looking at historical examples primarily in Great Britain and Scotland, and how the 99% might change the future to level the playing field.

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Editorial Review – Fake News


Title: FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump

Author: David Hutter

Genre: Satire

This short book focuses on a variety of real-life historical facts and reimagines them as taking place during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Zany, abrupt, imaginative, and indulgent, the novella depicts Trump as a self-absorbed leader of the free world who still manages to get things done despite his capriciousness and the bickering of his staff.

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Hidden Figures – Book Review


TITLE: Hidden Figures

AUTHOR: Margot Lee Shetterly


FORMAT: Paperback

Hidden Figures bills itself on the cover as “The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race.”  That is a perfect description of the book, which has already inspired a (somewhat fictionalized) movie about the  events in the book.   (Full disclosure, I have seen the movie, but I’m one of those people that likes to read the books that movies are based on as well).

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The Prince – Book Review

The Prince


Primary fashion sources for the Renaissance are incredibly difficult to come by. Even if I did have the money to travel around Europe seeing surviving garments I would only have seen maybe 3 or 4 outfits. This is where Machiavelli comes in.

The last book I read was a discussion of Elizabeth I as a Renaissance Prince. It relied heavily on The Prince  as a primary source. So I thought to understand a little more about Elizabeth I should actually read The Prince. Now it wasn’t exactly a page turner and at only 96 pages long it was still quite hard to get through but I am really glad I have read it.

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