Editorial Review – The Beasts of Electra Drive

  Title: The Beasts of Electra Drive Author: Rohan Quine Genre: Literary Fiction/Magical Realism/Horror Aptly titled, The Beasts of Electra Drive tells the story of a video game designer’s revenge on the “Dreary Ones,” the corporate leaders at Bang Dead Games, the company where he worked until recently. They’re about to release a new, glamorous… Read More Editorial Review – The Beasts of Electra Drive

Editorial Review – Sophie’s Playlist

  Title: Sophie’s Playlist: The Gramble Chronicles Author: Michael Finocchiaro Genre: Fiction, Action and Adventure, Thriller This is a meandering, literary-style story spiced with romance, grit, and a touch of adventure as it covers the multiple storylines of three characters—Gramble, Zoe, and Samuel—as they explore a kaleidoscope of human experiences. On the thriller side, there… Read More Editorial Review – Sophie’s Playlist

Breaking the Silence – Book Review

  Author name: Diamante Lavendar Name of the book: Breaking The Silence Genre of the book: Inspirational Fiction, Chick Lit, Memoir Book synopsis: Joan Eastman was born like any other girl. However, her existence would prove to be a life of great pain. Growing up, she was treated differently by family members, powerless to defend herself against… Read More Breaking the Silence – Book Review